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The Day I Wanted To Disappear.

I had been friends with Sheila for sometime when she decided she wanted to go to church with me and I welcomed the decision with mixed feeling as it accorded me the opportunity to spend legitimate quality time with her without the prying eyes of my mother. Yes, my mother the human microscope. She had been warning me about girls for as long as I could remember and the only reason why Sheila seemed to be on her "good side" was because we both went to the same school.

The first time Sheila came around, she had to wait for me since my Sunday mornings seemed to be weirdly packed all the time prior to church service. The entire time she waited for me whiles my entire family got ready, I was on tenterhooks just praying that my mum didn't finish earlier than me and decide Sheila ought to go with her. I beat my personal record and finished before anyone could call my name and together, we left for church. Thankfully, we were in the youth session, far away from the prying eyes of my mum and I could relax a little. After closing, I suggested to Sheila we leave and she being the good girl she was, insisted we wait for my mum. I had no choice, ladies can be very persuasive and so we waited for my mum and left with her. My heart felt as though I were running a 100 metre race when were just having a casual walk all because my mother walked with us an had on the sternest face you could think of. She never spoke a word throughout the journey despite our attempts to include her in our conversations.

Finally, we got home and Sheila left to her own house. I was very relieved when my mother said, "she seems to be a good girl". Only for her to burst my bubble and finish off with, "but you can never tell so stay away from women till you're ready for marriage". We kept going to church for about 3 weeks when the volcano erupted. Due to my mother's strict personality, we spoke about frivolous matters only when we closed from church because we didn't want to give her any wild ideas. As usual, we closed earlier and waited for my mum only for her to ask us to take the lead because the women's fellowship were going for a home visit. What a field day, I thought. We talked and talked and talked to our hearts' content and did not notice the passing time.

As a result, Sheila had to go straight home without passing by my place. Beaming with smiles and a light step, I got home only to meet the angry eyes of my mother.


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