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These Are People Who're Silently Bleeding But Still In The Church - Read And Find Out More Here

The Church is made up of different people with diverse backgrounds, upbringing and different levels of spiritual growth. It is made up of people experiencing good times and having their lives going on well for them. And then we have people who are bleeding from the struggles of life; people who are wounded within but still manage to congregate in church.

Life happens to all of us. Life gets overwhelming and frustrating at certain points. We may begin to doubt God’s existence and his power. We may get disappointed at God and question his promises for us. We may be tempted to leave the church or try other alternatives. We may even get jealous and envious of others.

There are church members who are silently dealing with issues they can’t open their mouths to talk about. There are church members who have lost all hope of things getting better. These are people in their dessert moments; people who have lost their jobs, their properties and their investments.

These are people who are bleeding from the loss of a partner or a child, people who don’t know what tomorrow holds for them or have no idea where their next meal will come from. People going through childlessness and those that desire to marry. These are people who are silently bleeding in the church.

The Christian life is such that, we may not always get what we desire and may not always get what we pray for at the time we want it. That’s why the Bible reminds us that, our ways are not God’s ways neither our thoughts but God’s thoughts. We are God’s children and his desire is to get us what is best and when is best.

It takes the faith filled to go through storms and hard times and still have the desire to stay faithful to God. It takes the spirit filled to encounter difficult moments in life and still lift up a thanksgiving voice. It takes someone who understand times and seasons to experience challenging times and still stay devoted in the church.

You may be bleeding now. You may be wounded now. You may have lost all hope and faith, but I am glad you are still in church. I am glad you still have a thanksgiving voice even in the midst of storms. I am glad your bleeding hasn’t interrupted your devotion to God. I want to assure you, God will come through for you. He will step in right in time and stop that bleeding. Hold on to him and keep your faith alive. I am praying for you.

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