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Learn How To Address Pastors Especially If They’re Your Friend

Learn How To Address PASTORS Especially If They’re Your Friend.

Pastor Chris said never speak with a Pastor when you are upset because he did something or whatever. You will get into trouble.

It is a very serious matter because when you do, your life will never go straight ...

Don't get too used to the anointing otherwise it will not work for you. Even as your pastor may be your friend or be easy going, always remember who he is and what he carries, and honour & esteem him very highly. Address him or her with respect.

Don't say "hi passi or any other funny name" learn to say Good Morning Pastor Sir & Ma'am. The Pastor may not even mind when you address him in an inappropriate way, But the anointing will surely mind & will honour or dishonour you accordingly. Act with revelation and understanding.

Don't harbour grudges rather Communicate with reverence. This Means express with esteem, knowing that your Pastor can not be against you. And that which you're upset about has a teaching within it. Seek clarity with an aim to learn. Not to find fault. Thinking of telling him or giving him a piece of your mind. Don't do that.

A Pastor is not a usual person he/she is a gift from God to men. It matters how you treat what God has given you as a gift... Your Pastor, your righteousness, your faith...... Let pride be dealt with in your heart. Declare to have a teachable Spirit as a Christian. Don't be looking at reputation or what ever to exhibit characters that Can cost your own salvation.

We are a terminal generation, protect your salvation at all cost. If you have offended in your speech to any Pastor or Man of God or even your leaders, Ask for forgiveness from God and apologize to them for this is important.

Take these wonderful thoughts very seriously and ensure to appropriate them accordingly in your life. God bless you abundantly.

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Chris Ma'am.


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