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Do This Before Giving Your Used Clothes To The Poor.

It is human and religious to be kind to the poor. African tradition also embraces communal living where individual resources are shared among family and community members.

African culture enjoins us to share items such as food, clothes, cultivable land among others with those who do not have them. It is only WIVES which cannot be shared with anybody even with family member.

There is a sense in being kind to the needy in society.

Being kind can save the lives of people. Sometimes in life, lack of just a simple thing can lead one into death. When such a need is timely fulfilled, a life is saved. For example, helping a sick person to the hospital can save a dieing soul.

Also, a kind gesture makes a person feel part of society. A person in need develops negative thought like being dejected and being lonely. Such feelings usually culminates into suicidal thoughts.

It however has a disadvantage of making some people dependent. Some people will hide behind the kindness of others to continue as beggars.

People's experiences have triggered a new wave of belief surrounding our kindness to the needy. This mostly has to do with giving one's used clothes to the needy.

We occasionally buy new set of clothes to replace the old ones. These old clothes are usually given to the poor in society.

It is however not good to just give them out to the poor without being careful.

When a person wears clothes for sometime, the clothes turn into points of contacts to the person's soul. This is why some spiritualists will request a person to bring a piece of an enemy's before they can attack them.

In the Bible, Elisha requested the cloak of Elijah and that gave him a portion of Elijah's spirit.

One should therefore pray over used clothes very well before giving them to the poor. This breaks the soul from the clothes.

In addition, wash and disinfect clothes to avoid disease transfer. Diseases such as eczema and other lots of skin diseases can easily be transferred through clothes.

REMEMBER: Pray before giving your used clothes to the poor.


By Jmahama

Content created and supplied by: Jmahama (via Opera News )



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