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We Planned To Kill Him But His Spirit Is Stronger Than Us - Pastor Daniel Comfess

A pastor called Daniel from one of the states in Nigeria confesses how they formed group to kill and destroys Prophet T.B Joshua and his ministry but it failed. This would sounds so strange in the ears of a true believer of Christ. How can you pray to destroy your friend if you are all working or worshipping the se God.

In a video sighted on Facebook, a man who called himself a pastor confesses how they prayed to God to kill Prophet T.B Joshua before it fails just because the power in h is stronger than them.

According to the man, they are in group and all of them in the group are pastors and what they do is to destroy the name of Prophet T.B Joshua to people because they envy how extraordinary his power is. They always tell people not to go to his church because the church is from the sea meanwhile they knew all what they are saying are lies.

Their problem is that, how come we are not able to perform miracles but Prophet T.B Joshua is able to perform different kind of miracles in his church meanwhile they are always calling the same God without the knowing that God dwells in Prophet T.B Joshua.

At last, the man appeared are Prophet T.B Joshua's church after things started shaking in his life and there is no hope for him anymore. According to him, his wife and children are just dieing like an animal because he so against the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, my advice for I that, don't ever try talking about Anointed Man of God because the anger of God will came upon you and you generation if you did.

My brothers and sisters, don't envy what someone is having in this life because you don't know the source of the person's power or wealth. God is a miracle working God therefore all those who are committed to Him can also performs a miracle in His name.

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