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They Challenged Jesus Christ on Long and dry "40 Days" fasting, but some died. Read their stories.

22nd September 2021.

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Fasting is the conscious refrainment from eating and sometimes drinking. Many believers engage in this act to get favour from their God.

This set of people decided to challenge Jesus Christ's 40 days 40 nights fast due to their reasons and beliefs.

Lent is connected with the 40-day fast that Jesus undergoes. According to Mark, Satan tempted Jesus, but on the contrary, Matthew and Luke reveal that the details of Christ's temptation are fleshed out. All three accounts agree that Jesus underwent fasting without food throughout the 40 days and 40 nights. Everything happens for a reason. They had their reasons and beliefs which gave them the freedom to embark on the long fasting (dry fasting).

1. Evangelist Chidi Eke

Evangelist Chidi Eke, aged 46 years died while trying to fast for 40 days and Nights. He died in a forest where he was doing his fasting. The death of this evangelist became a piece of dramatic and sad news in Nigeria, especially among his church members.

2. Mr and Mrs Omosebi

The couple is based in the United States Of America. This decision was taken by both of them. They decided to embark on 40 days of praying and fasting. Unfortunately, they included their 11-year-old son, as a way to teach him how to fast. The 11-year-old boy was not able to starve for that period. He, unfortunately, died in the process. They were later arrested and prosecuted for the death of their kid.

3. Ikechukwu Oke

He was a student of Ikechukwu Oke of Ebonyi State University (EBSU). The reason for him undergoing the fasting was because his family had a lot of problems and challenges. So he felt that embarking on 41-day dry fasting would help curb all his problems. After some days of fasting, he was rushed to the hospital.

Please know your strength before you engage in such activity. I am not discouraging anyone from fasting. But 40 days of dry fasting, seems impossible.

Did they take a good decision to challenge Jesus Christ?

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