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Sad: Find out how Prophet Mohammed was controlled by a false spirit - Pastor Jude (Video)

A pastor has narrated how he came across a demon in Hell when our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ took him to Hell.

He narrated how he saw a demon laughing uncontrollably that made him so angry. When he asked the demon why he was laughing that way, the demon said that it is because his children the Muslims, will all end up in Hell fire. 

When the pastor asked him who exactly he was, the demon said ‘My Name in the Kingdom of darkness Is Gaztoffee but the name that lucifer gave to me on earth is Mohammed.’

He further narrated how the demon insisted that he will drink the blood of Muslims once they die and end up in Hell.

The demon said ‘my children are coming here and I will drink their blood.’ He seemed to be so happy that he had been able to deceive the Muslims and the way he laughed made the pastor so angry with him for a demon to be talking with so much confidence.

All Muslims will go to Hell. This is not a new theory, the bible has already said it. The demon himself said that the only way for the Muslims to avoid hell is to go to the Man of Light. He could not even mention the Name Jesus, he just said the man of Light.

The pastor continued ‘what do you mean by the man of light,’ to which he replied ‘I cannot mention his name.’

When the pastor insisted for the demon to mention the real name of the man of Light, he said ‘it is very dangerous if I’m to mention his name.’

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Only Saviour of the world. Mohammed was not a Saviour, He is still not a Saviour. He is just a human being born by a man and woman. He died and is still dead. Jesus Christ died but He lives.

Nobody saves but Jesus Christ. Please listen to me. The only way for anyone to end up in Heaven is through Jesus Christ only.

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You can watch the video here:

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