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Five Types of Heaven Angels for Every Need in Your Life

No matter your problem, God Almighty has already created an angel that can help. There is an angel for every purpose under heaven. All angels offer guidance and protection, and you have an unlimited number of angels to pray and call upon. But knowing an angel’s specialty can help you get divine assistance that is tailored to your specific needs.

The following are seven types of angels with unique qualifications.

Guardian Angels

The most referenced type of angel is the Guardian Angel. Perhaps you were told as a child that a Guardian Angel watched over you, or as an adult you might have prayed—in a moment of desperation—to your Guardian Angel for help. The good news is, Guardian Angels are not just a cultural conceit—Guardian Angels are very real, and you have more than one.

Go to Guardian Angels with your most intimate prayers, the wishes closest to your heart. No one knows you better than your Guardian Angels.


Archangels like Michael, Ariel, Haniel, Uriel and Gabriel are divine Angels that each embody an archetype. Archangels are like generals, helping to oversee all other angels. They are incredibly powerful angels and their medicine is potent. Archangels are able to be with countless people at once. Whenever you require extra help, pray and call on an Archangel to be part of your angelic team (you can call on several angels at once).

Peace Angels

Peace Angels come into your life, or can be called into your life, to help you face the music, walk through the fire, solider on. If there’s something or someone you need to be at peace with, call on a Peace Angel. They can work with you energetically to make you feel more calm, help you find the silver lining in dark times, and show you the big picture, so you can put your problems in perspective.

Power Angels

You are more powerful than you realize—that is a message to you directly from the Power Angels, who encourage humans to own and stand in their power. If someone is trying to bully, disrespect or take advantage of you in any way, call on a Power Angel to remind you to defend yourself and set better boundaries.

Power Angels enter our lives when we forget how strong and capable we are, when we need a boost of confidence. Fast and pray for power Angels.

Healing Angels

Healing Angels might work with you individually, or they might assist one of your health-care professionals with all of his or her clients. Hospital Angels are a subgroup of Healing Angels who work exclusively within the walls of a hospital, supporting the doctors, nurses, technicians and housekeeping staff as well as the patients. Get more out of your relationship with Healing Angels by praying to a Healing Angel directly, and asking for clear guidance about the best ways to heal your life, or what in your life most urgently requires healing right now. 

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