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The Fire of the Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ will Hit You with a Special Miracle soon.

Beloved of God. This is what will happing to you very soon as you walking faithfully in the Lord Our God and in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, and the Lord call you His own. The Lord will time you and when He trust you, then He will send His glory of fire as we know Him by name the Holy Spirit.

And this Powerful fire will be doing Miracles signs and wonders in our lives. Therefore, beloved. As the Scripture says in the Bible according to the Book of Judges chapter 6 and verse 21. It's a must for us to walk with God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. And since you can't get any lasting things from lucifer but Only God, for if you dare transgress from God to lucifer, then it is hell where you will end, now therefore, the only genuine channel is our Lord Jesus Christ, so you must accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Lord and Savior right now. Humble yourself and live in purity of God's plan. Then God will smile 😇😍❤️😂🎉🎊with you and Love you. And He will be pouring His Good things on you.

Things that others are fighting to get, God will bring them to you in safety and protected. It's the option for you that you start walking with God now. So that many things will be clear to you and your understanding will be fast. And you will be wise. And if you become wise in the things of God, imagine how joyful you shall be.

In Psalm 23. Verse 1. David was in the bush, but he give himself to God and walk with God and know and wisely understood how God works and works for him. Therefore, he can boldly say that the Lord is my shepherd. And of course who you know, is who you can talk about. Believe that. Believe in God and live in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Bless You.

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