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Rev Agyin Asare Perform One Of The Greatest Miracles In The World And It Happened In Ghana Yesterday

Many forms of miracles occur in various churches. However, what happened at Reverend Agyinasare's Perez Chapel is something that baffles many minds.

Many people who read testimonies about the miracle pegged it as one of the greatest wonders to ever happen in the world.

The whole miracle occurred at Danfa which is a small community. Two people aged 20 and 56 appeared with the sad issues of total deafness. They came from the same family.

According to people who knows the two people, they have had this chronic deafness since childhood. Meaning, they were born with it.

After serious Prayers by Reverend Agyinasare, the two were able to hear. They had contacted various hospitals in Kumasi, Accra and Takoradi but to no avail.

The man of God shared the testimony on his Official Facebook page for the whole world to see the goodness of God.

Glory to the most high king for his healing mercies and intervention. Hallelujah to the highest with thousands of glorifying Angels.

Check out his post below ;

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