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World Witchcraft Conference Has Been Scheduled; Prophet Amoako Ata Announce With Difficult Direction

Prophet Amoako Ata couldn't hide what the Lord revealed to him concerning Angel TV's Nana Yaa Brefo and other female workers of Angel TV. He disclosed this on Angel TV Anopa Bofo show.

According to the powerful Prophet Amoako Ata, In the spiritual world, tomorrow is scheduled for the world witchcraft conference. Demons will travel from every country into the sea.

" As usual, the conference will target hardworking women like Nana Yaa Brefo and other women. It will be very important to perform this difficult spiritual direction to destroy their works" Prophet Amoako Ata told Yaa Brefo And all women in general. 

" The difficult direction consists of your own urine. At dawn that's exactly 3:00 am, urinate into a bowl. Pray over the urine and mix with a bucket of water. Go inside the bathroom and chant with prayers" Prophet Amoako Ata added. 


" Tell the Holy spirit to change every evil plans about you during the World Witchcraft Conference. Bath With the water and that's all. This is not for Yaa Brefo alone. It's for every woman watching me. That says the Lord " Prophet Amoako Ata concluded his direction. 

He added that, something serious will happen to the world especially in the USA after the spiritual conference. For Ghana, the Witchcraft will splash us with severe poverty and hardship so we should be alert. 

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