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You Are A Problem And Have Shamed Christianity; Prophet Oduro Tell Pastor Who Murdered Georgina Asor

Finally, a popular pastor in Ghana has reacted to the sad news that went viral in Ghana recently over the death of the prospect nursing trainee called Georgina Asor Botcway in Mankessim.

Prophet Kofi Oduro is the leader and founder of the Alabaster International Ministry. In his church this morning, he disclosed to his church members that the pastor who was involved in the murder case of the prospect nurse is nothing but a shame to Christianity religion and pastors as well.

Also, in christian religion, such pastors are the main reasons why people always point fingers at christians. Infact, this pastor is a top problem in christianity.

His actions have indeed affected the way most of the people think about christians, and so a lot of people who wish to join christian religion will definitely change their minds if they do not think twice. This is because, the ways of the pastor is of man and not of God.

"The pastor is one of the problems in christianity. He has shamed christianity for been part of those who murdered Georgina Asor Botcway. He has changed the minds of people who want to be christians. This is because, the pastor didn't act in the ways of God", Prophet Kofi Oduro said.

What is your take on the fact that, Prophet Kofi Oduro says that the way of the pastor is of man and not God?

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