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What Has Christianity Turned Into? Check Out What This Man Was Seen Doing In Church

Money as we all know is the root of all evil but can also make you feel good when you do have it in abundance.

Most wealthy people we may have heard of normally invest a portion of their monies in a works of Charity as they believe there is more blessings in giving than in receiving.

These individuals normally give out charitably not because of praises from people but because of the blessings they normally get from doing it.

Most often, people who show off trying to announce their worth to people are said not to have earned their riches through the rightful ways. To give to bless the work of God, one needs not go the extent of allowing everybody to hear about them.

In a video trending online, a man was seen spraying cash like papers in front of the whole church while the choir was still singing.

He having a huge bundle of money in his hand from which he was spreading on to the stage where a man assumed to be the pastor walked to him and blessed him while he knelt down. If you wish to give to God, do not allow your neighbor to see what you give for your blessing is with the mighty one above.

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