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2 Years After She Gave Her Life to Christ And Quit Smoking Weed, See How Fine And Healthy She Is Now

As a human being, we make different decisions in life, sometimes we make a wrong decision and sometimes we make a right decision, but it is most important to be conscious of what we do because the law of karma is real. To be happy as a person, we have to follow what our hearts desires, but we should make sure the devil doesn't use us as one of his instruments.

The youths of nowadays are becoming increasingly addicted to drugs. Previous researches have shown that at least one in eight of our teenagers are extremely addicted to hard drugs. The rate at which people smoke weed and consume alcohol is becoming something of a big concern. This habit has made many young people run mad and wander all about. It is not only weed and alcohol that has become a problem, in fact, some youths also sniff cocaine, heroine and other dangerous hard substances.

When she was a drug addict:

These things have a lot of disadvantages which may mean that it will drag you away from the way of the Lord. This is exactly what happened to this beautiful young girl who almost ruined her life by smoking weed excessively and also consuming hard drugs abnormally. In fact, this young lady almost lost her life after she got sick, and her health started deteriorating. She started looking so shrunken to the extent that people even struggled to recognise her face. The lady is well-known as "Foreign Jauwn" on social media where she uploads indecent pictures of herself smoking excessive weed and showing her usage of hard drugs to her online followers.

When she fell seriously ill and almost lost her life:

But as God would have it, it's been 2 years now since she decided to take a break and give her life to Christ after she fell seriously ill and nearly died. She narrated that her peer group was what pushed her to start smoking at a tender age. She said she first started smoking cigarettes when she went out with her friends, then they taught her how to smoke weed and consumption of other hard drugs. Fortunately, for her, she started her clothing business where she used her social media channels to attract a lot of customers, she started excelling in her new business, and everything turned from bad to good for her after she accepted Jesus in her life.

How she looks now after quitting hard drugs:

She started sharing her testimony online to serve as an inspiration to other youths who are wasting their time and risking their health dangerously on hard drugs. She shared recent pictures of herself and how her life has changed dramatically overnight. She now looks fresh, clean, beautiful and presentable in public. The dramatic transformation in her life should serve as a lesson and an eye opener to other youths that there are a lot of dangers in taking hard drugs which can ruin a good dream for the future.

If you are moved by her story, and you want other youths to learn from it, don't hesitate to share it with others because it might save someone else's life today.

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