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Why false Teachers easily attack Jesus as God

They have followed the way of Balaam.

Its seems quiet funny when false prophets and teachers of today begin to profane and make mockery the name of Jesus denying Him as God.

Well, it’s not and readers must disregard pampering and making it look like they were Christians in the first place. They were not and their fruits have been revealed.

The Bible calls these men irrational animals, creatures of instinct, born to be caught and destroyed (2 Peter 2:12) and their existence was prophesized long ago even.

The sinful soul is always looking to for a hope to keep sinning so whenever righteousness and Holiness; that is the true definition of Christ people are attacked, they find a way to support to satisfy their souls. No No No, that is not the food of the soul. Your soul is never free, it keeps yearning for a savior in solitary but we sometimes pretend that all is well.

Let's analyse the story of Balaam; a perfect case study to these acts.

Who was Balaam? He was a man who made money from soothsaying and somehow had knowledge about the God of Israel based on how the Israelites were overcoming Kingdoms along their way from Egypt. He was influenced by the Holy Spirit. (Numbers 22:24) - that is another topic to be discussed as to how he was influenced.

When he was hired to curse Israel, because he had the influence of God, he couldn’t speak what was mandated but the Spirit blessed through him. This is telling us that some people we defined them to be men of God were not actually one. Growing up as children, we looked up to certain people especially in Christian African Movies thinking they were closer to the faith, but as we groew, we learnt disappointment; that is why it is needful to look up to Jesus alone.

To the point; to be influenced by the Spirit of God is like a prompt, very different from being transformed purposely for His purpose. Influence leads to transformation but because God doesn’t force to transform, one has to open up. You need not to taste only but drink His Goodness into your body. That is transformation.

Balaam was influenced and didn’t give in to transformation, so are some preachers who call themselves men of God today.

They had knowledge about God from the beginning, but along the line as adversity and challenges hit them as a test of faith, they fail and give up choosing the easy way. Remember, anytime trials come our way, when we fail to stand, the enemy is always waiting to present us with "goodies" of failure. That goodies are the presents of the world which involves bowing to him to taste the flashiness of the world only if you join his course.

So read from the beginnings of todays blasphemers, what lifestyle did they live?

Watch out for part 2

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