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It Was A Spiritual Attack- Atubiga Explains What Caused His Accident

The founder of National Liberation Congress, Stephen Atubiga has disclosed that the vehicular accident he had recently was a spiritual attack made on his life because of his political interest. He mentioned that things could have been worse if not for God's intervention.

Mr Atubiga disclosed that he had become lazy with prayers recently hence his enemies gained power to threaten his life again. He mentioned that quite often spiritual attacks are revealed to him in dreams and visions before they manifest, allowing him to counteract it in advance. 

But this accident had its way through the combined attack from within and external owing to his wearing spiritual health. He added that there's been several incidents where such deadly spiritual attacks have been fired at him but for the intervention of his godfather and uncle, all were reversed by prayers. 

He noted that it has not been easy holding himself up for political activities while being outspoken on issues in this country. According to him, the plan to eliminate him had been orchestrated physically and spiritually yet "none had succeeded".

Mr Atubiga disclosed that he was blinded spiritually just about four months to the end of 2021 but for his prayerful wife, the enemy never succeeded. He indicated that God reveals to him the faces of his tormentors so he learns about their evil works. 

"Four months to the end of last year I woke up blind with swollen eyes one morning. My wife and I immediately started praying to God, God is my witness, how he revealed his face and how he tried getting me blind."

Mr Atubiga added that four weeks later, he got a call that his tormentor had gotten blind. But he was sad for the person whom he trusted as a friend to have suffered such punishment. 

He continued that a friend nearly killed him with poisoned food last year. However, for the quick intervention of medics and prayer, he was saved. 

Mr Atubiga prayed that no one suffers such evil in his life. He urged Ghanaians to be prayerful yet exercise great caution in trusting friends. 

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