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Is That How A Secular State Is Run? - Pratt Condemns Religious Intolerance by Leaders.

Kwesi Pratt Jnr., a seasoned journalist, has chastised leaders in the country for fanning religious tensions.

The administration of Wesley Girls' High School has sparked religious controversies after refusing to allow a Muslim student to observe Ramadan on campus.

Muslims all over the world celebrated the end of Ramadan, or the "festival of fasting," on Wednesday, May 12, but Muslim students at Wesley Girls' were not permitted to participate due to school rules.

This school's decision has raised concerns, with one school of thought arguing in favour of the school and the other arguing against it.

Kwesi Pratt asked why there are religious conflicts in Ghana on Peace FM's 'Kokrokoo' program.

Ghana, he claims, has come a long way to be divided by religious beliefs.

He claimed that Ghana is and must remain a secular state.

All of this ostensibly religious conflict, he believes, stems from the lack of respect that Ghana's leaders, including many Ghanaians, have for the country's laws.

"There will be no problem if everyone follows Ghana's laws. What has happened is as a result of our failure to follow Ghana's laws. All of our country's leaders do not follow Ghana's laws. This is the issue. Is Ghana a secular state according to the 1992 constitution? Ghana is a democratic and secular country.Let us follow that law, and let everyone exercise their right to worship as they see fit. It is a personal matter for you to follow your religion. It's completely unrelated to us.

"It's Christian vs. Muslim on our ticket. Because we have brought together Christians and Muslims, everyone should vote for us. Is this how a secular state is run? What a shock! Is this how a secular state is run? Is this how you run a secular state? Some people have recently stated that we will not allow Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia to be President because he is a Muslim.Is it possible for a secular state to fund the construction of a cathedral? 'What is all of this?" he exclaimed.

"What we want in Ghana is a good government," Kwesi Pratt stated emphatically. A good government that will go to great lengths to ensure that we have access to safe drinking water. It makes no difference to me whether that government is led by a Muslim, a Christian, or an Atheist. We need clean water to drink. We want a good government that will put an end to dumsor once and for all.We want a good government that will provide quality education for our children to become good future leaders like Ayeh-Paye".

"How does it matter to me whether that government is led by a Christian, a Muslim, a fetish priest, or a member of the musama disco christo church?" " he asked.

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