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"Don't Depend On Consultation Fee" - Pastor Tells Fellow Pastors

The founder and head pastor of Sons of God Prayer Ministry, Rev. Eric Tweneboah Kodua has urged his fellow pastors and prophets to stop collecting consultation fee from church members and use tithe and offering for their activities.

This day's, most pastors and so call prophet take consultation fee before they attend to their people in the church for prayer. Where the gift was free from God.

 According to Rev. Eric Tweneboah Kodua, consultation fee is not the right way that a pastor should use to collect money from his or her church members.

 What do pastors and prophets use consultation fee for? - he asked.

 "Most pastors and prophets use that consultation money for luxurious cars and buildings of mansions for themselves and their family whiles the church members are suffering". He said.

"Church member should also be vigilant and should not accept to pay any consultation fee to so call men of God because it is not biblical". He added.

 Pastors and prophets should not even charge for consultation fee. They can use tithe and offering to do whatever will help the church because God gave them that ideas and wisdom to help the church but that is not happening now in churches.

" Consultation fee is not biblical and I need someone to prove to me in the bible that consultation fee is biblical". he challenge other pastors who take consultation fee.

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Eric Tweneboah Kodua Sons of God Prayer Ministry


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