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8 facts in the Bible you surely never knew were false

Religion is very diverse and an individuals choice of religion will differ from faith to faith or mode of worship and belief.

1.The siblings of Jesus Of Jesus Christ were never spoken of in the Bible due to one reason or the other ,the fact that Jesus was born of a virgin never showed that the Virgin Mary never conceived Physically.

People like James, Simon and Jude are all brothers of Jesus Christ and this was confirmed in the chapters Matthew 13:55 and Mark 6:3 and as well as other books in the Bible.

2.The 3 wise men were not kings as since childhood we have been told they were kings from far away lands who followed the star to the manger in Bethlehem.

In the Bible their total number were not even specified in the Bible, they were only called wise men of the east who had come to pay homage to our savior Jesus Christ.

3.Purgatory was a myth, a big myth and a big contradiction to the return of Jesus Christ to which he will take his children to his father heaven.

There is no clear verse which supports the fact that there will be another life after death were there will either be purification and cleansing of the spirit or pain and torture before finally meeting God for judgement.

It was clearly stated that once a Christian dies before the day of ascension his or her soul shall arise to God for judgement.

4.The last supper never happened In the sense that John 18:28 explained that Jesus and his disciplines did not enter the praetorium and hence the last supper was never observed.

John 19:31 also stressed that the Jews which meant Jesus and disciples took their bodies down for the sabbath bath.

5.The forbidden fruit was never an apple as we were told since childhood, the forbidden fruit was actually not a fruit.

From spiritual interpretation the forbidden fruit was actually a metaphorical statement which was translated from the Latin words malus which means evil or apple.

Not that the Bible was never specific on which fruit eve ate in the garden of eden . In general, the term can also be referred to as something illegal or immoral . It might also be dangerous. Many times this is about fore play outside of marriage.

6.There were never any 7 deadly sins all sins are equal in the eyes of God and Romans 6:23 clearly stated that the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

It never separated any seven deadly sins to be punishable by any other intense form of punishment rather the hell.

7.Baptism is for adults not kids relating to the fact that God waiters till Jesus Christ turned 23 years which is enough to be an adult and knowing what the Christian faith is and understanding it before being Baptized.

Over and over the New Testament states “they believed and were baptized” can someone tell me how a few weeks or months old born Baby be aware of what is being done to him to the extend of believing in the lord Jesus Christ before being baptized.

8.Jesus Christ was never born on December 25th December as people have claimed and celebrated the Christmas for centuries now.

There is no evidence of Jesus Christ’s birthday either written down on a document or ancient wall of a tomb no where on this earth.

Until AD 440 there was no Christmas or celebration of Christ birthday , the then ancient Christians chose this date as it coincides with the date of the Roman pagan feast called Saturnalia which was to help prevent people from celebrating saturliana but instead joined the Christian faith.

Please is you have any debate or questions or even corrections to the above statements don’t be shy to drop them in the comments box in polite way.

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