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3 Guardian Angel Prayers for Strength, Courage, and Protection

A Guardian Angel Prayer, in its most basic form, is a request for assistance from the angel who has made a special commitment to serve and support you in your life. In rare situations, you may have more than one guardian angel, and whether you are aware of it or not, they are there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your guardian angel respects your free will and life's goal of learning. As a result, they follow a strict code of ethics that forbids them from interfering or intervening without permission.

You can, however, request guiding assistance, allowing them to intervene. The following are 3 Guardian Angel Prayers for Strength, Courage, and Protection:

The Guardian Angel Prayer For Protection

Now I call the Source of All That Is, God. The One. Solar Symbols Christ… Angels of protection. Make direct contact with me right now.

Protect my physical and energetic existence by surrounding me with your love and divine healing frequency. Protect my space and my energies by eliminating everything that no longer serves from within.

I pray that you shield and protect my energy from any external negativity, density, or distortion, so that this shield blocks out everything that is not in accord with love, peace, and divine truth. I appreciate you guarding my mind, body, and spirit. Thank you for leading, supporting, and assisting me throughout my life. That is correct. Amen

Prayer to Invite Your Guardian Angels Into Your Life

Thank you beloved Source of All That Is, God. Thank you Guardian Angels for entering into this present time and space.

Thank you for helping me in my life here and now. Please help me in my life and light and guard me on my path.

Please protect me energetically, cleansing my energy of any lower vibrational forces and helping me to connect with the highest levels of divine peace and presence…

Thank you, God, for being the Source of All That Is.

Please energetically shield me, clearing any lower frequency energies from my energy and aiding me in connecting with the highest levels of divine serenity and presence.

Please assist me in aligning myself with the opportunities, prospects, and blessings for my life right now that will best serve me and enable me to be a beacon of positivity in this world, creating positive waves out beyond me at all times.

Thank you for connecting with me, helping me, protecting me, comforting me and loving me.

And so, it is… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”


Guardian Angels Prayer For Guidance and Inspiration

Guardian Angels, I'm calling on you right now and asking for your assistance. Please assist and guide me today. Help me to stay present, optimistic, and open to life's miracles at all times.

Help me to develop the presence, willingness, and strength I need to act in accordance with my deepest truth and live my Divine Life Purpose.

Assist me in determining my highest and best next actions. Assist me in remaining receptive to the gifts and possibilities that the Divine and Universe wish to align for me.

Help me to be open to Divine guidance and inspiration. And to behave in accordance with Divine Will in order to be of service to others in accordance with Divine Will and my highest truth.


This simple Guardian Angel Prayers are perfect to use to call the presence and assistance of your Guardian Angel to ask for their protection, strength and courage.

Please forward this message to your friends and family. Please add your thoughts as well.

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