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"And He Bows To Allah" :Dombouya Joins Hundreds Of Worshippers At Dabondy;Offers Sala Prayers

Doumbouya is a goal-getter. He sets his eyes on the ball and not until he scores the goal, he never gives up. He's been through the trenches; traveled across the length and breadth of Guinea, soliciting support for the junta. Sometimes, he was beaten by the rain and faced stiff opposition from protestors but he wouldn't give up.

This soldier continues to win the masses trust by regularly visiting them: sometimes participating in communal labor, attending football matches at the stadium, and currently has made it a norm to worship in different mosques across the country. 

Praying together with his fellow brothers created a strong brotherhood and he familiarizes himself with the people. At Dabondy in the municipality of Matam, the coup maker was accompanied by his special forces as he joined the civilians to pray.

As a peaceful and determined man, he chose to stage a coup and bring the country back on track. The overwhelming Guinean majority having seen his good intention for Guinea hailed him through the streets when Alpha Conde was overthrown.

Massive demonstrations have been organized against him to return the country to constitutional rule. Not a day goes by without pressure from the International community and ECOWAS to hand over to a civilian government. Despite all these, he has maintained his composure.

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