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Check Out How The Demonic Spirits Can Extract Your Money To Make You Poor And How To Avoid It.

Evangelist Kwesi Amagyei revealed on No 1 FM the demons or the demonic spirits that are involved in money extraction and how they operate.

Evangelist Kwesi Amagyei  said, there are a lot of demons or demonic spirits involved in spiritual marriage but the one he was much focused on was the Marine spirits of kingdom.

Evangelist continued by saying, one of the ways to know this spirits works is, when you open your shop early in the morning and someone immediately brings you a 100 cedis not just to buy something less than 5 cedis, and you accept the money and change it for the person or someone immediately brings you 100 cedis to change for him or her. It clarifies it that the person is from the Marine Kingdom.

The only way to avoid this is not to take the money but since you can not know if the person is from the Marine Kingdom or not, you can take the money but don't add it to your monies unless you have prayed massively on it.

He also said the other way this spirits works are by using coins. He said coins seen on the grounds are usually planned or plotted by the Marine Kingdom or Spirits, so immediately you touch or take it from the ground, the spirits use it to extract all your money to make you a poor person.

The way to avoid this is not even try to touch or take the money and even if you will do make sure your pray massively on the money before you do.

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