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My Experience After placing Garlic Under My Pillow Whiles Sleeping

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Please in today's article I would like to share with you some of my health experience with garlics so do well to follow this article to the very end.

I hope we all know what garlics are they are mostly used by our mothers in cooking since they provide good scents for our foods and they also contains antioxidants and compounds that are also very good for our health.

Garlics are not used for only cooking purposes but they contains compounds that can be used in treating some common diseases. some of the compounds garlics contain are allinase ,sulfur compounds and amino acids which are very good in treating.


I just place about a bundle of garlic under your pillow or near me to be able to pull in (snuff )the scent.Make sure that you nose is getting better contact with the scent of the garlic or better still try this method instead.

Method 2.

Ingredients to be used

1 cup of milk

1 clove of garlic, crushed

sugar if needed


I added a clove of crushed garlic to a cup of milk, and heat the mixture gently in a saucepan.

Once the mixture has simmered for around three minutes, take it off the heat and add sugar to taste.

I usually drink it around half an hour before bedtime to enjoy its benefits


1.After using this method i have not experience any disease like insomnia . Insomnia is simply lack of sleep during the night

2.It also helped me prevent mosquitos thus they prevent malaria.

3.It helped prevent body odour.

4.Garlics may also help in treating respiratory diseases such as colds and catarrh.

You can also try chewing them in your mouth to prevent diarrrhea , burning stomach and heartburns.

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