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I Will Tell Them The Bitter Truth; I Am Not Afraid Of Them - Yaa Brefo Blast Pastors In Ghana.

Pastors or men of God are expected to be the mouth piece of God. Pastors and prophets are expected to tell the people about the intentions of God so that people can repent from their wicked deeds. But it look as if some pastors are now using their office to sabotage people and also gather wealth for themselves and their family members.

Angel TV Presenter Nana Yaa Brefo Speaking on Angel TV today, blast some group of pastors or men of God in Ghana who are hypocrite and they don't want journalists to speak about them on air. According to Nana Yaa Brefo, he will tell them the bitter truth that, they (pastors) are part of the current problems Ghanaians are facing in this country.

Nana Yaa Brefo made her words known when she was reacting to some issues concerning National Cathedral. According Nana Yaa Brefo, Some pastors are always angry when u asked them to speak about the amount of money they have donated to support the building of the National Cathedral. In Nana Yaa Brefo's views, the men of God should come out and tell the general public about how they are supporting the building of the National Cathedral.

" I will tell them the bitter truth. Some pastors are the cause of the problems we are facing in Ghana. They are hypocrite and they do not want us to talk about them. They always want to intimidate us with prayers and with speaking in tongues. We will tell them the truth. Pastors must be accountable to the people they are serving. There are two sides of the National Cathedral. In some aspect it good to support the Government, but in this current situations we are facing in Ghana, National Cathedral is a big issue to talk about". - Nana Yaa Brefo stated.

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