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Meet A Disabled Joel, The Mouth Artist With Flair.

God in his own knowledge created everything. So he created humankind, too. Human; some are born disabled while others are born able, fine. But in some cases some people becomes disabled due to accident or due to their own negligence. It's very sad when born fit but later became physical challenge, having missed things they used to do. And here is exactly the case of one Joel Acheampong. 

Joel Acheampong is a physical challenge and mouth Artist with a flair. He does a lot of beautiful portraits and even has a lot of apprentices whom he teaches. 

According to Joel on GHOne TV with Natalie Fort, on Sunday, 19th September, he said that, he was born fit and with all features. But at the age of Six (6) he fell sick and his parents took him to a quack doctor who made a wrong diagnosis. After the injection both his legs and hands went numb and that was all. With the help of a modern wheelchair he can move to wherever he wants with limitations.

Thereafter, his parents took him to several herbalist but unfortunately all efforts went futile. In spite of his physically challenged he was still determine to go to school. In school writing was a problem as he tried using his mouth with pen to write, but he will end up getting the book wet. And because of his low writing accuracy, teacher will clean the black board before him. Those attitudes in class made him gave up on education. 

Joel again added that, though he has stop going to school. But as years passes by he was also growing and the need for him to Carter for himself was arising; hence he taught of what to do for a living. A lot of things came into his mind but he doesn't want to be a passerby client. So he considered drawing and painting. 

"First I started it in my room. I tried it over and over again, there I realized I was making a headway. And that is how far I came today." - he said. 

Joel is now a renowned mouth artist and have since drew a lot of big men in Ghana here. He is also got married to a beautiful woman and God has blessed them with 3 children. 

Before the show end, Natalie Fort (Host) told Joel that they have gotten one of his art works in the show room. She unveiled it and woah that is "Father Dickson" amazing portrait. All audience were surprised!! 

When asked how many hours he had used in painting that amazing portrait, Joel said it took him Two (2) weeks for that art work

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