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The Best Entrepreneurs are in Church because.... Read Luke 16:8

The modern church does not differ from a business. In fact, it is a bullish economic sector in every country. Pastors function as CEOs, members are the customers, other churches are keen competitors, marketing and fundraising have more schedules than evangelism, internal politics and alliances form every structure of the church, some members are more stakeholders than others and they criticize only the poor.

There is no surprise if you know what the Bible has said about the children of the two sides of the world. Luke 16:8 made it clear the children of darkness are wiser than those of the light. Modern day Christians are dumb to even recognize the counterfeit right before their eyes. They are submissive to deceitful because they choose to live in ignorance and are easily convinced with what sounds right to humans. Because people are into religion with only the hearts and no brain, anyone can capitalize on that to take away everything from them.

What pastors do to Christians today is the same thing politicians do. The irony is Christians praise one camp and judge the other side of the same coin. The cruel entrepreneurs do not own big companies; they just lead churches.

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