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Answer a fool in his folly - Says Rev. Agyin Asare

We all know today being the 3rd day of January,2021 is the first Sunday of this new year and a lot of Pastors, Apostles,Evangelist, Prophets and not leaving Teachers of the gospel out, uses a day like this to advise, prophecy,teach as well as edging their congregation to take the path of the Almighty God through Jesus Christ.

And the General overseer of the Perez Chapel Rev. Agyin Asare wasn't exception as he mount the podium taught his congregation on a message titled "Leaders and Critics"

As he taught, he said there are some Critics one need to be silent on and not to answer or comment as Jesus did in the bible when He was presented to Pontius Pilate.

And also made another point that State there are some Critics which a leader has to reply a fool in his folly.and under this sub point used Kweku baakoh as an example when Rev. Asare state that Kweku was interviewed after winning a damages against a person who spoke a lie about him.

And according to Rev. Asare, Kweku Baakoh answered the interviewer when he the interviewer asked him Mr. Baakoh that "As he has taken to court and won. Won't this impeach freedom of speech? And Mr Baakoh said he won't allow his grandchildren to grow up to read a lie about him on the net all because he kept quiet.So upon this edged his congregation to answer a fool in his folly and not to keep mute on Critics.

What's your view?

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