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The Things Which Determine How Far Your Prayers Go. Know Them Now

There are protocols that must be followed BEFORE you pray, in addition to the wrong prayer points or the wrong reasons for asking for what you are asking for in prayers. These procedures induce a certain state of being in order to present yourself to God.

Prayer is, without a doubt, the secret to almost all problems and the answer to almost all challenges. Although prayer may not be able to solve a problem, it can provide guidance, clarification, and peace of mind, all of which will ultimately lead to the right solution, person, or assistance. It's also valid that God responds to our prayers.

In other words, the entry point is a deliberate elevation to the Lord's holy place and standing in his presence. When we go to pray, it implies that we are mindful of God's presence. As a result, we will become a holy place and the Lord's hill wherever we want to pray. It all boils down to our mental state.

Attitude is the key.

In the presence of God, a concentration and concentration attitude, as well as reverence and fear. There has to be a sense that God is here with me. Consider what you would do or how you would act if Jesus walked down the street with you, or was in your room with you, or wherever you are.

Who will ascend to the Lord's throne? Who would be the one to stand in his holy place?

These aren't questions in and of themselves, but more revealing questions whether a man or woman will go up the Lord's hill; whether a man or woman will stand in their holy place. You may pray in the toilet, the bathroom, or while driving. But the most important thing is that you are mentally prepared for a meeting with Almighty God. There are, however, requirements for ascension and standing before God.

Clean your hands

Clean hands are needed for entry into God's holy place, according to Psalm 24. Our symbolizes our interactions and events. It also concerns our bodies - the hands are symbolic of our bodies - and what we do with them.

Core of gold

When we come to God, the state of our hearts is crucial. In a prayer room, having a pure heart is crucial. It can often reflect your thoughts. You can't expect God to come down or listen to you if you pray with malice, hatred, and ruthlessness in your heart.

An evil heart is an obstacle to prayer

Only a righteous man's prayer is effective, according to the Bible. You can also be reasonable if you follow the measures outlined so far. A pure heart also implies that you are not deceitful. It implies that you are sincere and honest in your intentions.


The state of our being; the way we live our lives is represented by cleanliness. Is it pleasing to God? Yes, without a doubt.

Your reason for making a prayer request

Before you pray, be mindful of what you say through your lips. God isn't messing around. You can't pray to God with the same mouth that lies, tells dirty jokes, and curses people.

Examine Yourself - Sins Confession

So make sure your hands aren't actually clean until you pray. Before you go to pray, you must question yourself and reflect on how you have lived your life. This is where both the confession of sins and the appeal for forgiveness of sins are made. Do not engage in combat or seek prayer until you have confessed your sins to God.

Recognize that you are not perfect and ask God for forgiveness, even if you can't remember it. Psalm 51 can be a great resource for leading you through this stage of prayer preparation.

If you follow these steps correctly, God will work miracles in your life. If you found this article helpful, please like and share it with your friends and family.

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