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I saw these two Famous people in Hell - Pastor Ricardo's Testimony

“Now Rodolfo,” said the Lord, “it is time to get out of this part of hell.” When we left that place, I saw a woman totally engulfed by fire, this woman was lamenting and crying saying ‘die, die, die! Take me out of here!’

What I saw is that this woman had a picture in her hands of the “Sacred Holy heart of Jesus." According to the Catholic tradition. Lord, who is this woman? The Lord told me, “Rodolfo, that woman is your grandmother.”

The Bible says the idolaters will not enter the kingdom of heaven. The Lord showed me the life of my grandmother on earth and I could see that she was an idolater. I said, “Lord, please help her!”

The Lord told me, “Rodolfo, I can’t do anything! Judgment has been set for her!” Now the Lord told me, “I am going to show you what is going to cause you persecution on earth. Many will not believe what you are about to see but, don’t worry, I will be with you.”

Suddenly we saw a woman with her feet being crushed by knives that even reached to her knees and at the same time, this woman was being punished by many demons. I looked and saw that this woman was Celia Cruz!

The Lord showed me a video of Celia Cruz doing Satanic pacts in Hollywood with blood and I saw her doing many Satanic things. The Lord said, “She was a Satanist. She was an idolater.

She was a witch having Satanic pacts with blood. So her music got a hit of success, same as her group of musicians.” And the Lord let me hear one of her songs called ‘Yemaya’, which is a very popular song in the Spanish world.

But when you sing that song and repeating that name what it means is this: ‘King Satan, come and reign over me!’ And the Lord told me, “Judgment has been set for Celia Cruz.

Celia Cruz was a Cuban-American and was one of the most successful salsa performers of the 20th century, having earned twenty-three gold albums. She was renowned internationally as the "Queen of Salsa" as well as "La Guarachera de Cuba.."

We continued walking and the Lord showed me a man whose hands were stretched out and the surprising thing about this man is that he had a very fine sword inside his tongue and this sword crossed through his head and was coming out of his body.

His feet were grabbed by chains and his back was full of blades set in different positions in a way that no matter how he moved, he would be cut.

When I saw this man in this condition, I told Jesus, “Lord, please help him. Do something Lord Jesus. Look at the terrible pain that this man is going through.”

The Lord asked me, “You don’t know who this man is? “No, Lord”, I said. I saw how the knives got through his skin and then through the bones and how they came out of his body. The man only screamed in agony.

The Lord told me, “Judgment against this man has been established. Now I am going to tell you the identity of this man.” Because of that revelation, the Lord said ‘You will have to run from city to city because this will cause you a great persecution but I will be with you.” He went on to say “Rodolfo, this man is Charles T. Russell."

I said “Lord, who is he?” The Lord said that this man was the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I pleaded “Lord, please help him” and the Lord said, "No, Rodolfo."

And as the Lord moved his hands, immediately I saw that many souls were falling into hell in every way possible: they were falling head first, feet first, stomach first etc. "Rodolfo, for that cursed man, all these souls are entering into hell.

This man taught that God was only a God of love. The Bible says that God is a consuming fire. This man Charles Russell took the word hell from the Bible and he took out all the words Sheol and Abadon.

Also, he denied the deity of Jesus Christ and also denied the deity of the Holy Spirit and he put only the Word Jehovah in the Bible. He took out Jesus and the Holy Spirit. For this cursed man, all these souls are falling into hell.” Then the Lord said, "I curse that man."

Please Jehovah Witness that is listening to me at this moment, I don’t want to offend you. Get out of that sect and come to Jesus quickly.

I don’t hate you and I don’t hate your religion either, but you are in a farce. Come to Jesus. He is waiting for you with open hands. Charles Russell is in hell because he taught lies. Don’t follow his lies.

When we left this place, these prison doors closed and caught fire and this man Charles Russell cried and screamed and cursed Jesus repeatedly because Jesus said, “The judgment has been set for this man."

Now the Lord said, "Rodolfo, now I am going to show you the black jails of hell. This is the extreme punishment of Satan to the souls in hell." “No Lord, please! I have already seen terrible things. Take me out of this place."

The Lord said, “OK, Rodolfo, I am not going to do anything if you don’t permit Me. I am going to take you to heaven now."

Dear reader, there is no Repentance in the Grave, there is no challenge in the Grave. Repent before it is too late.

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