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Things That Can Invite Demons To Attack Your Marriage (Spiritual)

Things That Can Invite Demons To Attack Your Marriage ( Spiritual ) 

There are some things that youngsters do before they eventually get married.Many of these things have their side effects on the marriages thereof in the near future.

Like the saying goes " The evil that men do lives after them " so many evil things happen to people's marriages due to the evil things they did in the past .

Demons are attracted into the lives of those people on purpose to attack and destroy them . What we are considering in this write up is that which affects the marriages of people.

The following are a number of things that people do that eventually affect their marriages :

1. Abortion ,

Abortion is one of the dangerous things that can affect one's marriage. Children are the heritage of the Lord and they are suppose to show up in God's time.

 However, if they come early into a woman's life outside wedlock and the lady decides to abort such a child, because she thinks that the pregnancy is unwanted , it is a physical and spiritual crime .

And for that matter, it is punishable by the spiritual laws of repercussions .This means the bad consequences are unimaginable, and for that matter it must be avoided at all cost .

The lost of an innocent live ,and the blood shed involved ,can affect the marriage of the perpetrators ,it can also bring barrenness into their marriage. 

2. Spending ex' money without marriage 

Some ladies and guys play the role of gold diggers in relationships, before they finally get married. Little did they know that, it has evil repercussions in their future marriage. 

These category of gold diggers can collect the lover's money, or allow the lover to spend money on them in the name of love . However, in the long run ,they might end up disappointmenting those lovers who gave them money or spent so much on them in the name of love .

These victims of love become so broken hearted and they end up loosing confidence in any love relationship even in the future. What is more ,some of them end up cursing those ex-lovers who spent their money for nought . 

This lifestyle has a grave effect on one's marriage, to the extent it can devoid the marriage of peace. Some are really married, but they are not living in peace with their spouses, because of what they have done in their past relationships .

3. Broken heart ,

It is a peculiar character of some ladies and guys to entertain someone in such a way that the person will fall in love with him or her ,only for the person to disappoint him or her in the end .

Some really know that they cannot or will not marry the person in question , yet they will be mutually involved with the person. With that the person would get the impression that he or she is the beloved .

So when it finally comes out from the fellow that he or she is head over heels in love with ,that they should break up ,it becomes a big blow to them .

These victims of love would be heart broken and then starts to sware or curse in one way or the other ,calling for vengeance to take place on their behalf. 

So the person who intentionally broke the victims heart ,might suffer the punishment in one way or the other .

4. No Family Consent 

Some marriages can suffer a lot of marital problems, due to the fact that there was no consent from the one or both families involve .

Marriages where the parents of one or both spouses did not consent to the union could end up in disaster . Some are fathers or mothers of spouses who did not agree to the union of the two lovers before the marriage ceremony. 

Some of these aggrieved family members could pronounce evil against the marriage in one way or the other , because of their resentment. 

Things That Can Invite Demons To Attack Your Marriage part two 

5. Abusing step-children 

There are some people who are in the habit of Abusing step children, treating them any how they like ,without mercy. 

These do so because such children are not their biological Offspring, and as such they maltreat and abuse such kids in the marriage. 

This sort of maltreatment has its evil repercussions, in that it brings problems into the marriage. 

Common Problems In marriages  

The following are the common problems that some marriage people may encounter due to to some evil things the person or family  has done . 

1. Childlessness

These is common problems associated with the evil that people do ,with the exception of few innocent people.

Many a couple have become barren due to past sins like , Abortion one or both parties might have committed in the past . 

2. Separation 

Some couples could be described as separated ,because they are living apart .Although these couple have not gone through any divorce process ,yet they are separated. 

This type of marriage could be leading to adultery due to the loneliness , if care is not taken or eventually divorce .

3. Miscarriages 

One common problem associated with past sins is miscarriage. When pregnancies are destroyed quite often , it is time to sit back and recuperate on the past for any evil the person might have committed. 

4. Impotence 

Impotence can also be associated with all the evil things of the past a person might have committed out of ignorance. 

Sins like rape ,invest , adultery and all forms of sexual perversion can may one to be impotent if not confessed. 

5. Financial crises 

Financial constrains can also be associated with the iniquities of the past . A marriage couple could be suffering financial lost due to a past sin one or both of them might have committed. 

A way out 

There is always a way out in everything ,especially in these evil consequences . Christ Jesus came into this world to make a difference in our lives .

He came to forgive our sins so we could have a new life in Christ Jesus . You can use the following scripture to pray and confess your sins to God and ask him for forgiveness .

" My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:

[2]And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world. "

 1 John 2:1-2

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