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A Broken Myth? When the Nation’s Prophet was reduced to a ‘begging inmate’

The so-called Nation’s Prophets are in a bout of how to outwit each other with their prophetic prowess. Unlike the prophets of yore, as we read in the Bible with nostalgia, the prophesies by most of our Ghanaian prophets have proven to be classy rehearsal in guessing and mind games.

They seem to have very vulnerable congregation that include high class politicians, professionals and others who under normal circumstances, should be able to read through the tricky of these pastors.

They try to play and extend their juggernaut to the international level. During the 2020 election, these prophets showed how fake, incoherent and deceitful they could be. The played similar tricks back home in the Ghanaian election.

The overwhelming prophetic favourite-Donald John Trump lost the US elections in an unimaginable precedent. Joe Biden, the spiritual underdog, won the electoral college votes, far exceeding the 270 bench-mark. 

In both the Ghana and US election 2020, Reverend Owusu Bempah, the Founder and Leader of the Word Power Ministries International was at the forefront of God’s most anointed with the gift of reading into the unknown.

Bempah was emphatic that Donald John Trump will easily annex the American presidency for a 2nd Term. He wobbled with that of the tight election between Akufo Addo and John Mahama. At a point, he only posited how confused he had been.

To the extent that Rev. Bempah dared telling God how disappointed he would be if He changed the spiritually-locked Akufo Addo victory. Meanwhile this was the pastor who prophesised, even before the election year that it has been revealed to him in the spiritual realm that the President will retain the Ghanaian presidency at all cost.

With the vulnerable always falling to their prophetic pranks, Bempah and his ilk assumed a virtuoso presence in the country as a presidential prophet who is always telling leadership what they want to hear. There is even the suspicion that he has been allotted an office at the presidency because of his self-acclaimed status as the Nation’s Prophet.  

And so it happened that the Bempah myth was broken by the new and no-nonsense Inspector General of Police, COP Dr. Akufo Dampare. This week, Rev. Bempah and two of his junior pastors were locked behind bars.

Owusu Bampah and the two junior pastors were seen in a viral video brandishing guns and other offensive weapons at the entrance of Lady Nana Agraada, a self-proclaimed spiritualist, who claimed sometime this year that she has become a born again Christian. 

It’s not clear what might have sparked the Bempah-Agrada feud. It’s intriguing this latest sour relation between Agradaa and Bempah. Bempah was all joy when Agraada told the world that she has changed from her spiritualy-induced fraudulent ways and even accompanied Agraada to her shrine to destroy all of her gods.

Brandishing guns in itself is against the laws of the Republic, but one’s case becomes more complicated if one tries to assault a peace officer like the policeman/woman. And this is exactly what the Bempah trainee pastors did, culminating in their arrest, including Rev Bempah himself.  

Many Ghanaians are wondering how Bempah’s congregants can’t read in-between his mind-games.  He was the prophet who predicted a Trump win in the 2020 American elections. As results of the American elections started trickling in, Bempah’s prophetic narrative begun to change.

Donald Trump begins an early lead in the vote counts and Bempah went viral bragging and touting about how his prophetic credentials were about to be cemented; then the dynamics begun to change with Joe Biden asserting his presence in traditional Republican-Trump strongholds.  

A rather confused Bempah comes to justify the shift with some biblical jargons to confuse unsuspecting minds about his limping and impaired prophesy. Joe Biden eventually wins the elections and shockingly, Owusu Bempah comes back denying the fact that he betted on a Trump re-lection.

There were others Prophet Nigel Gaisie and Badu Kobi, who all called the American election a spiritual victory for Trump even before the Americans started voting. Like Bempah, the moment Biden started breaching the prophesies of these Ghanaian prophets, they also changed their own narratives.

In the case of Badu Kobi, he made a mockery of himself by confusing his followers the more. He stated emphatically that although Biden won the American election, Trump will still be American President.

Whether that was an idiom or a prophetic revelation, till today, Prophet Kobi’s nebulous interpretation still hangs. He however, tried albeit vaguely to interpret his warped prophesy with a philosophical slant “Joe Biden has won; but Trump will still be the President".

That prediction is borne out of Badu Kobi’s claim that Trump has a steeled character as compared to the weaker Biden. How that translates into a Trump win is still a conjectural puzzle that has not been resolved by Badu Kobi and his ilk

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