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Tithe, One Debatable Topic: Should Christians Pay Tithes Or Not?

Christianity comes with certain responsibilities. As Christians, we must make sure to spread the Good News, win souls for Christ, and also make sure we maintain these won souls. Tithe is one thing that is "part" of christianity. The issue of tithe payment has received both supports and objections. In today's article, we are going to look at whether Christians are entitled to pay tithes or not.

Tithe is an offering of a tenth part of some personal income. When it comes to the question of paying tithes, it is very controversial and deliberate. As whether to pay tithe or not, a lot of people have different perceptions towards it. Some section of Christians do not agree to the idea of paying tithes while another section strongly agree. These people on both sides have peculiar reasons as to why they have chosen the stance they have chosen. Those who pay tithes have biblical reasons to support such an act. On the other hand, those who are against the payment of tithes also have their reasons to buttress their arguments.

There are three different types and these are:

1. The Levitical, or sacred tithe which can be found in Numbers 18: 21, 24.

2. The tithe of the feasts. This can be found in Deuteronomy 14:22-27.

3. The tithe for the poor is the third type. It can be found in Deuteronomy14:28-29.

However, some Christians and even some churches do not take tithes. To them, those monies are are to be given to the poor in society instead.

In 2019, the Founder and the Leader of "In the Name of Jesus Ministry", Evangelist Isaac Kwaku Obeng came out to say that it is wrong for any Christian to pay tithe. According to him, the act of paying tithe was an Old Testament practice and is not in the New Testament. Tithes, he said, were given only to the tribe of Levi and any other tribe that collected it died completely.

Analyzing this debatable issue very well, do you think Christians should pay tithes?

Share your thoughts and please follow my page for more information. 

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