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6 Things The Angels Want You to Know

What Do The Angels Want You To Know Now?

We are living in extraordinary times, and the angels have a few messages for you:

1. You are at the perfect place on your path!

What if the difficulties you were having were planned rather than unintentional? What if that was your Soul's way of encouraging you to grow and expand? To become a better version of yourself?

The angels have revealed to me that the very situations that concern us, that we appear to be fine with but are actually terrified of, are precisely the opportunity you have been asking for.

The fear energy is the result of all the acts you wanted to take but couldn't because you didn't see how, and the true desires you have versus the possibilities available right now, and the chances that would make you bigger and more apparent, versus the worry that what you have would 'go' in some way.

2. There is no such thing as failure

What you are supposed to receive in terms of experience and outcome in your real, 3d existence, and the relationships, money troubles, and other challenges you face, you will always receive; what your Mind believes should be the outcome is something else entirely.

Often, the soul contract you have with the other party is that the breakup, disagreement, behavior, or outcome was supposed to teach you to honor yourself, set stronger boundaries, be more kind, and so forth.

You cannot fail in life; you can only learn faster and progress to the next level; you are loved beyond measure, and you always have more assistance than you realize.

3. There is a group of people that wish to help you

What keeps them from assisting is if your Soul said prior to birth, "Let me sort this one for myself, I know I've got this," and then if YOU do not ask in this incarnation, they can't.

If you ask but have an absolute attachment to the how, why, and when, it's like asking someone to design an outfit that you first design in your mind; it severely limits their creativity. It's important to be aware of how you want to feel, ask them to sort it, and then get busy cleaning, decorating, walking, dancing, or whatever it is that allows you to let go and surrender.

Allow them to do their job, which is to assist you.

4. So Who are they – this team?

You have two Guardian Angels who have been allocated to you since 'birth' and may assist you with parking places, communication with other people, developing your gifts, and much more.

You have a guide (at least one) who provides you opportunities, experiences, jobs, and even soul mates, and you may have a magical being with you such as a Unicorn Fairy or Flower, as well as an Archangel whose'mystery school' your soul schooled in prior to incarnating.

5. How Do you get more…….?

Be grateful and completely receiving for the money you have; don't evaluate it as insufficient or puny, or think 'life never works out'; if you operate from a scarcity mindset, your channels of receiving will close.

See and interact with all the love in the world around you, immerse yourself in the recognition of the force that creates worlds, BE loving to yourself and others, and watch love begin to flow in unexpected ways.

Connect with a minute, a moment, or an hour that is just for you because you can, be conscious of the time you do have and the things you choose to do with it.

Thank the angels for all the signs and opportunities that come your way as a means of letting you know they're there, and be attentive and open to seeing and hearing additional proof of their presence in your life.

6. Can they help you?

Yes, they will and will assist you. It's no coincidence that you're reading this right now; everything has been designed to exactly sync your energy with mine so that you can rest assured that your angels are ready to help.

Please forward this message to your friends and family. Please add your thoughts as well.

Content created and supplied by: Bronzeman (via Opera News )


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