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Was Sin Already Existing Or Did Satan Discovered It???

GOD is a HOLY BEING who lives in heaven. HE created heaven and earth. HE created Angels whom HE(GOD) lives with in heaven. Satan and his fallen Angels were once living peacefully in heaven. Satan being an archangel was highly loved and adored by GOD. According to Bible commentary, Satan was so handsome and brightening than almost all the other Angels. Heaven was at peace till war broke out causing most Angels to be thrown out.

Biblically, heaven is a HOLY place and therefore SIN whether in the form of a person or any living being can't stay there. According to Bible commentary, Satan on getting all the acknowledgement from GOD and other fellow Angels suddenly became arrogant and made up his mind to overthrow GOD. The question in line is that "How Did That Arrogant Intentions Came In The Mind Of Satan??" Since arrogance is a form of sin and sin can't dwell in heaven, the question again is "Was Arrogance Already Existing??"

Number two(2), Satan wanted to overthrow GOD and succeed HIM. He(Satan) started convincing his fellow Angels in a bad way and managed to get over 1/3rd of the heavenly Angels to his side leading to war in heaven,so as causing their fall. The question again is "How Did That Overthrowing And Gossiping Concept Suddenly Came In The Mind Of Satan??"

Was SIN already existing just that it needed a medium (living being) to operate??? Or was sin from Satan?? GOD in HIS own wisdom won't create Angels and attached sin in their minds. GOD is a HOLY and righteous GOD and can't live, look and do anything relating to sin but how again did that sin concept of arrogance, Overthrowing, backbiting and gossiping came in the mind of a righteous supernatural Being (ANGEL).

Did GOD intentionally created sin for a purpose and was existing just as Righteousness and only needed a living being medium to operate or sin was part of Satan's mind and it just grew with time??

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