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The three confusing verse in the Bible

Religion being the bedrock or confidence and love and the faith in a powerful being or divinity and just as the confidence in everyday routine after death has affected our experiences from numerous points of view. 

Anyway numerous strict pioneers and adherents don't take as much time as is needed in posing insightful inquiries about their religion yet rather acknowledge what ever they are educated. 

I went over a sections in the Bible which I find extremely difficult to appreciate and as a genuine devotee of the word I can't simply acknowledge something without understanding its significance. 

The Bible is viewed as the sacred book of the Christians and as such should contain zero blunders or any type of inconsistencies at all however for my situation these three refrains thoroughly repudiate each other or except if there is somebody who can best disclose them to my arrangement. 

The section John 10:30 we're made to accept that Christ Jesus and God our dad in paradise are one because of the Trinity's which discloses God to be in father, child (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. 

Anyway in the sections John 13:16 and mark 12:29 just as acts 3:13 clear says an alternate story which is fairly befuddling and makes it hard to comprehend. 

I know a many individuals will guarantee I don't have so call otherworldly agreement however please the thing is profound in attempting to comprehend something with my cerebrum? . 

John 13:16 clarifies the way that the worker (Jesus) isn't more noteworthy than his ruler( God) nor is he that is sent ( Jesus) more prominent than he that sent him (God). 

In the stanza mark 12:29 Jesus discloses to his supporters and adherents that the master God is one ruler which makes him the lone God with nor other God to the side him. 

Why at that point do we have 3 "God" made up in one on account of the primary stanza 10:30 which family members to the sacred Trinity's. 

At long last, in the refrain acts 3:13 once again clarifies that God has celebrated his worker ( Jesus) who was given over to be slaughtered ( Roman's) despite the fact that he was chosen to give up ( recall Pilate washed his hands from the passing of Jesus). 

These three refrains I just clarified are extremely befuddling and I think that its hard to comprehend and wish there will be any Christian chief or minister who can best disclose them to my arrangement.

Thanks for reading remember to follow.

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