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Episcopal Sister Dr Joy-Philippe Bruce, Shares Bishop Dag's Impact on Her Life, Family and Ministry

Dr Joy-Philippe Bruce - dhmm is a renowned leader in the United Denominations Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches (formerly Lighthouse Chapel International) and founded in 1987 by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills.

She is a proud spiritual daughter of Bishop Dag, whose life and calling has greatly impacted hers in several ways, something she is forever grateful for. In her bio on Facebook, she describes herself as "ES Dr. Joy-Philippe Bruce, a daughter of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills."

Initially ordained as a Reverend Minister and now selected and anointed as an Episcopal Sister, all by Bishop Dag, she is a fast rising daughter of the Prophet of God, who has taken after him and is well known to be an apt teacher of the gospel and an excellent minister, who is very successful in pastoring the youth and raising mighty ministers of the gospel.

Been an Episcopal Sister literally means that, she is a Bishop, except that, in the Lighthouse United Denomination, the women are rather giving the Episcopal Sister title. Currently she pastors the AA Fountain of Life Cathedral-Ayeduase in the Ashanti Region, where she oversees, several churches she has planted by the grace of God.

She shares an experience that basically alludes to the fact that, "the Bishop stands with her all this while and for that matter, she also stands for him now, more than ever before" This is her story:

"We returned from further studies in Norway at the end of 1994 and joined the Lighthouse in January 1995. In August 1995 our pastor, Bishop Dag sent us and our 3 sons out to start the first ever Lighthouse Chapel in the northern part of Ghana.

We were so eager to go! Mind you, Tamale at that time was just recovering from a brutal and bloody ethnic war. Today, Tamale is a beautiful built up city but back then it was a veritable dust bowl with one traffic light in the center of the city and telephone only at the post office. But, we didn’t see all that! Our pastor had taught us that it was upon the back of sacrifice that the gospel had spread to others.

We arrived in the city just as the month of July ended, with our 3 children aged 6 years, 2 years and our 5 month old baby. As lay pastors unpaid by the church, we bore our own transportation costs and found our own accommodation. We were supported by our jobs and set about sharing the gospel, praying and engaging in church building activity. It was not for money! It was in fulfillment of our own callings!!

In those days our pastor, Bishop Dag would drive all the way to Tamale to visit us. He would stay with us in our home and eat what we ate. He cared for us and prayed for us constantly. It was from him that we learnt to train others to serve the Lord. During the crises years in Tamale when a 3-year curfew was imposed on the city and there was so much instability, he still came to visit us. It was on the way to one such visit that he almost lost his life on the Buipe-Tamale stretch of road.

A bicycle rider crossed him and as he hit the brakes his car skidded and went into somersaults. It was only by the grace of God and by his mercies that Bishop Dag and the pastors with him survived. Did this deter him from future visits??? Certainly not!!

We continued working in northern Ghana and in the space of 15 years and by training others we established 123 churches spread out over the 3 northern regions. Our pastor was right. Sacrifice bears fruit!! By this time my husband had made the move into full time ministry to concentrate on the work and I was still lay.

Another transfer

Fast forward - January 2010. First came the phone call and then a text message. We were being transferred to Kumasi. By this time the Lord had prospered the work of our hands and we loved the people as our own. But the work had to continue. In obedience, we said our goodbyes, packed up our belongings and moved south. And we are still here, 11 years on. In this time our sons have grown up to be young godly men. And our pastor has become their pastor.

Another Generation

We are still on the mission field. This time as full time pastors. Our sons grew up on the mission field. They knew what it was to share their parents with others; to be turned out of their rooms at short notice so someone who needed it could have their bed. They knew what it was to have less so someone else could have more. And our pastor became their pastor.

One by one they have devoted themselves to the same message. Our first son and his family (wife and 2 children born on the mission field) have answered the call to go! And they have gone. Spreading the gospel in another African nation - as volunteers, working jobs to take care of themselves.

Another son has also answered the mission call and prepares to leave in a few weeks and another and his wife are working and serving the Lord as lay pastors. They have chosen well. That at a time when some serve the Lord for money they serve Him for love and the call.

For us as a family we will forever be indebted to our pastor, our prophet and our teacher, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills. Thank you Bishop, for loving us, helping us, opening doors for us, teaching us. One day we will rest and when we get to heaven we will claim the crowns from our work on earth knowing full well that we got them as we followed the Lord by following you!!!! Fight on pastor! Keep preaching and teaching the truth! It always pays off!! May God keep you for us!

We love you dearly! #istandwithbishopdag #iamagainstdisloyalty. SHARE THIS, IF IT IS INSPIRING AND YOU LOVE BISHOP DAG.

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