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Must know: 5 social media sins you should never commit

I humbly welcome you to my page. I entreat you to hit the follow button to catch up on new updates on time. It's my fervent appeal that you share, like, and comment on any discussed topic. Your doing so will enable us to serve you better. Sit back while we gradually descend into today's story.

Arguably, social media has brought us closer to each other. One does not need to travel to America to hear or see what's happening there. With just a click, you can get to know everything that's happening around the globe.

Again, social media provides faster means of communication. Ideas, plans, etc, can be communicated within a short space of time across the world.

However, social media can be very devastating depending on what you do with it. It can bring success to you or ruin your life.

It's extremely important to note that social media should not be taken for granted. Below are 5 social media sins you should never carry out as a user irrespective of what happens.

1. The Blasphemy Of Sending Threatening Messages In The Name Of The Lord.

It's become a common thing where you see people send threatening messages like "Share this post if you truly love God, or else". Or else what? It's complete folly to think that God coerces people into sharing a post about him through social media. Such posts not only betray your ignorance but also shows how gullible you are.

2. Duping People Online

People try to dupe others through social media. For example, scammers are everywhere on social media where they strategically pretend to be what they are not, thereby defrauding people. Keep in mind that as pictures of you go viral, those you dupe may know someone that knows you. So be careful about what you do on social media.

3. Selling Your Privacy For Pittance

Social media has become a home for many people where they comfortably discuss every private matter. For example, some social media users go as far as to disclose a journey they are about to embark on. They show off their assets and even where they live. This behavior not only makes you unpopular but also invites thieves into your home. Learn to be discreet and keep some privacy to yourself.

4. Beauty Online. Beast Offline

Have you ever been disappointed after seeing a socialite in person? I have, and I'm sure you've experienced that too.

The emergence of Photoshop, filters, and other apps has made it possible for people to appear like gods and goddesses. Again, a lot of users have put on a disguise where they are viewed as affluent people in real life. However, the opposite is true. Putting on a pretense makes it hard for people to help you. Such an attitude should be abolished.

5. Sharing Junk Messages

You see, what you share says a lot about you. Your comments reveal who you are. Are you fond of posting jokes on rape and lewd memes? You don't have to let your messages reveal who you are online. Again, under no circumstances should you share such posts.

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