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He has committed a crime, but because he is a pastor, people are shielding him - Kelvin Taylor Fumes

The CEO of Loud Silence tv has spoken bitterly about a popular man of God. Here's what he said:

"The most wicked criminal pastor in Ghana is Mensah Otabil. He has stolen money and kept it in some of the banks in Ghana."

"He was on the board of directors, and a chairman of the capital bank. Several meetings were held in his house and there were no records of them. He has committed a crime but because he is a pastor, people are shielding him."

"This same person spoke back in 2015 about Ghana's economic hardship to the point of describing it as a plague. Right now, why hasn't he spoken?"

"He is a political pastor. We want to build the nation so if your case comes, you must be treated like anyone else regardless of your status."

"Go and look in his books, he doesn't pay tax. The person to shield Mensah Otabil after his criminal activity was his Junior Pastor's wife who looked over one of his churches in Accra."

"99% of people in his church know that he's a thief."

Did you hear of these issues concerning Pastor Mensah Otabil, or it is your first? Indeed, no one is perfect but expected to try and achieve that level.

What do you make of Kelvin Taylor's words against the Man of God?

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