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For spiritual protection, use Indian almond leaves to silence the witches in your neighbourhood.

Indian almond plant is a common plant in Ghana and other parts of the world which bears a roundish fruit containing a white edible nut that tastes like a groundnut. The common Ghanaian local name is Abrofo Nkate3 and the botanical name is Terminalia Catappa.The plant has large leaves and wider branches which provide shade as resting place for people. The white edible nut is believed to cure many diseases including fever and constipation.

Apart from the edible nut, the leaves is strongly believed to contain some spiritual powers which drives witches and other bad invisible spirits away from your neighbourhood.

This simple tree is believed to be a witch hunting tree and other powerful spirits don't like to come nearer to where it grows. It is known to be an ancient tree with metaphysical powers to fight the spirits that seeks to attack human beings without just cause.


First, plant this tree in your compound, farm or neighbourhood. Its mere presence is enough to scare them off from your habitation.

But for the witches, collect some of the leaves and dry them. You can also get direct dry leaves that falls from the tree.

Then put them on a tray and burn them at midnight in your neighbourhood. Spread the ashes on the area that leads to your room or house or the road that leads to your farm.

This ashes will drive away any spirits that sees it without your notice.

Alternatively, you can also allow the leaves that fall from the tree on the ground for several days without sweeping them especially if it not situated at the centre of the town. This plentiful leaves will become a blockbuster to let the witches run when they see it in that large quantities.

Nature is indeed full of mysteries.

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