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Husband and wife relationship

Take A Look At This Pastor's Reaction After He Caught His Wife Sleeping With His Junior Pastor

A man of God probably in his early fifties has caught his wife sleeping with his junior pastor. The person who recorded the video didn't show the facial view of these people but if you listen to the voice of the lady in the video she might probably be younger than her husband. The man of God caught his junior pastor sleeping with his wife sleeping in his own house. The wife went to the room given to the junior pastor to do this formidable thing there.

Watching the screenshots from the video in this article, you can see that the wife has used a cloth to cover her nakedness while the junior pastor is wearing his boxers. The pastor was overheard in the video saying this to his wife, "But why? I don't understand. I try my best to do everything for you. How can you do this to me?". The wife went down on her knees and replied to her husband saying, " Please, forgive me, it was the work of the devil".

The man of God then said this to his junior pastor, "I trusted you and made you my junior pastor because of your commitment. I even gave you a place to stay in my house and this is what I get in return?". The junior pastor was begging the man of God to forgive him but he was not ready to listen to him because he was in so much pain.

You can also watch the video through the link below:


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