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The Only Arab Country With About 96% Being Christians.

Armenians are originated from paganism's historical Armenians, and Zoroastrianism's Theological Zoroastrianism has influenced them. The Apostles of Christ, Saint Thaddeus and Bartholomew, were the first to bring Christianity to Armenia in the first century A.D. Armenians are sometimes referred to as Arabs in the Middle East due to their strong links with Arabs, Kurds, Turks, and Persians. In Armenian, they are referred to as Armenians or Parshakian.

According to history, Armenia was the world's first Christian country in the first century A.D. 95.97% of the population claimed to be Christians, with 96.55% claiming to be Armenian Apostolic Church members. The second most numerous religious groups were evangelicals and followers of Shar-fading.

Armenia seems to be the last Christian centre in this region. Islam is increasingly spreading in Europe and The middle east, even though Christianity is decreasing in the Middle East and Asia. In the twentieth century, Armenia was the first nation to recognise Christianity as the official religion.

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