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Use Taameawu Leave As A Herb To Conquer Any Spirit That Is Tormenting Your Life.

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When God created us , He gave us everything including herbs. We have some herbs that can be used to drive away any evil spirit fighting against us. (zero two four eight six nine six zero three nine). This powerful rituals can help you bring back your happiness because it will drive away any evil forces.

In this article, there is a powerful leave we are going to discuss, this leaves is called Taameawu and is very common in the Western Africa expecially Ghana to be precise. This leave has a positive energy and it can control any negetive activities in the world.

When plugging this leaves, it should be done in the midnight or early in the morning around five to six o'clock. Because that time is good and best for this rituals we are about to do.

Evil spirits are unseen being , they can hide in darkness and can still torment your life. Sometimes you wonder how people are making it in life and you are suffering, some people are making it in life as if we didn't sat the same class room and learn the same course with them. Stagnation has become addicted to your life and things are not moving on well with you. This article will help you to succeed when you do it according to what is instructed here.

How to do it

Get yourself seven leaves of taameawu, write your name on it and and draw a circle around the name .The circle should be anti clock wise , and say this incartations , Energies in taameawu will deliver me from this problem and it will help me to conquer my enemies. Queen of all leaves will help me to attract energies from the sky and from Angels and I will prosper, repeat it seven times .

After the incartations, put all the leaves into a rubber bucket and add salt and water to it and bath the water. This rituals supposed to be done in the full moon.

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