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Perform These Rituals If You Always Forget Dreams With These Simple Directions

Dreams are means of communication between God, your spirit and the body. In the olden days, the people with these dreaming abilities were considered very powerful and are cherished in society. Even in the Holy Bible, God used dreams as a mean of communication to speak to his servants.

Whosoever does not dream is considered to be in serious trouble because he or she does not know what is coming his or her way. For this reason, it is a necessity for one to dream each time they go to bed. One problem some other people have is, these people dream but they find it very difficult to remember, and that's a serious and dangerous problem.

Today I will be embarking my cherished readers on a ritual that will help clear every blockage which stops them from dreaming and failing to remember even when they dream. The following steps are very necessary to be performed if one wants to remember the dream they had earlier;

  1. Get yourself a Sea salt, Moringa leaves, Tameawu leaves, White cloth, 6 o'clock flower and Florida water.
  2. Find a green pen and write on the white cloth " I will forever see between the lines of successful images".
  3. Grind the Moringa leaves, Tameawu leaves, 6 o'clock flower, and the sea salt together on the white cloth.
  4. Now filter the already mixed leaves and salt in any sizable container.
  5. Pour seven drops of the Florida water from its head into the filtrate and stir it with a clean broom.
  6. Pray over the mixture that God should help you dream and help you remember every dream you had.
  7. Apply this to your face every night before bed.
  8. You can repeat these same rituals when the mixture gets finished.

I hope this was very informative to my cherished readers. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything you don't understand concerning this article. I will gladly answer your question in the comment section.

Thank you for spending your time on this article. Please motivate me to do more for you by commenting, sharing, liking and following me for more interesting stuff.

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