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Not All Traditional Healers Work With Evil Spirits

A lot of people think that African's have lost their identity because it's assumed that most Africans believe their ancestors are demons and their traditional healers have evil spirits but this is not true. The reality is that demons are not human beings. Demons are spirits who are constantly looking for mediums to express themselves. Human beings who made themselves available can be used as mediums of expression to do evil and wicked things. Most people who facilitate the setting up of satanic altars are mediums of expression for demons. Most of these people do not have any conscience or human feelings, they talk with satanic anointing and speak as though they are not normal. They are constantly speaking evil and expecting evil and wicked things to happen and they rejoice at every sighting of evil and wicked things. They crave attention all the time

Traditional healers on the other hand are mostly people who are gifted to understand the utilization of plants for healing and solving problems that confront the man. They understand the ways of the spirits both evil and bad spirits and they understand satanic protocols and the spiritual protocols of the creator of the heavens and earth. Whilst it's true that some traditional healers work with spirits that are in direct opposition to the creator of the heavens and the earth, not all traditional healers are evil or use evil spirits

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