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(Video): Watch As A Man Of God Delivers A Mad Man In The Middle Of A Street.

Hello and welcome once again to the Reanews_around. Here we bring you nothing but the best news across town. Today i come to you all with a funny video. A video which foresees a preacher or let me say a man of God casting out a demon in a mad man. Please do not forget to comment, like and share for more.In this funny video, a thought of as sane man was seen seriously and busily casting out or let me say praying for a mentally challenged person(Judging by the appearance). This supposed man of God for what ever reason decided to pray for the man on the ground and the mode at which the prayer and deliverance was done is so amazing.

The whole incident started when both men were on their feet. The praying man was initially seen trying to place his right hand onto the head of the dirty man who in return was preventing the pastor from doing so. The one praying after some failed attempts decided take the wheel from the holy spirit and pin the man down himself since the holy spirit was failing him.It was as if they were fighting. The one praying carried the other with all his strength and slammed on the ground like in an MMA or UFC fight. It was really an amazing view.

If asked, i would say both parties were mentally depressed. Because there is no sane man of God who would do this.Watch the video with the link below:

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