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Never get satisfied with what God has given to you, strive for more- Avram Ben Moshe tells Ghanaians

Our world of religion and religious beliefs has come to a point where most believers take a critical look at the teachings from the various religious books and compare them to their individual lives. In recent times, it has become obvious that most preachers tend to preach out certain scriptures that seem to be thought-provoking. Some of these teachings may cause individuals to end up making wrong conclusions and sometimes wrong decisions.

The leader of the Common Sense Family, Avram Ben Moshe who is highly known for his concern about the scriptures of the Bible has made another controversial statement against the scriptures of the Holy Book on radio show at Okay FM. According to Avram, Ghanaians should never be satisfied with whatever they have or whatever they have been blessed with. He stressed on this point by speaking on the fact that individuals who adopt such beliefs are lazy people.

Avram Ben Moshe added that, individuals should work hard and strive for more instead of being satisfied with what they have been blessed with. He indicated the fact that, the teaching of ’being content with what one has' is what has made many Ghanaians lazy. With this, he advised that Ghanaians should put in more efforts if they want to see development in the country instead of sitting idle and being content with what one has.

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