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The Time When Nobody Could Enter The Christianborg Castle

The Christianborg castle had been the executive seat of government prior to the assassination attempts made on Kwame Nkrumah's life. The Flagstaff House had become Nkrumah's residence as there was the need to take extended security measures, Lietenant General J.A Ankrah, the current Prime Minister of the country had decided to return the seat of government to the castle where Osagyefo had once lived and operated from. Attempts to do this had been unsuccessful, as was believed to be due to supernatural causes than physical ones_ there came the need for a rededication ceremony which was required to break loose the supposed demonic forces which had taken over the castle. Surprisingly, such a rededication ceremony was not to be performed by any of the orthodox churches in existence at the time, but rather by Mawu Fe Ame C.K.N Wovenu, leader of the Apostles Revelation Society(A.R.S) a Christian sect of the Trans-Volta region. Upon a successful ceremony which took place on 22nd May 1966, the executive seat was returned and the castle evicted of any sort of demonic power.

In James W. Fernandez's book, "Rededication And Prophetism In Ghana", he recounts a detailed research he conducted with regards to Mawu Fe Ame C.K.N Wovenu and his church, the Apostles Revelation Society.

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