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Photos: Woman Confessed; How She Used To Handle The Seven Husbands.

Wonders as a spiritualist and traditional doctor, Allman from Uganda married seven giant men.

According to her, she's the one who decides where and who to sleep with at any time. 

She satisfies all of them and none of them can dare cheat on her.

She lives differently from most people in her community, she has never cut her hair, has the ability to raise the dead, and is the wife to seven husbands.

This is the life of a revered Ugandan spiritualist, Allman, popularly known as the Female Samson.

In an interview with Afrimax, Allman recounted how she was made to marry some residents the elders of her deity chose for her, in a bid to produce many children, which is a source of her power.

According to the spiritualist and traditional doctor, her service to her deity requires she gives birth to as many children as possible, but she can give birth to just one child per husband.

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