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2021 Census: Stand up and be counted as a Christian, An Open Letter Muslims in Ghana should read

The Ghana Statistical Service is set to start the 2021 population and housing census as field enumerators are being trained on how to go by the duties. The last population census held in Ghana recorded that Muslims make up 16% of Ghanaians despite being polygamous. File Photo-Muslims at Eid prayers

A Christian Advocacy Group has issued a 14-point statement to educate and encourage Christians across the country ahead of this population and housing census. The further admonished Christians to stand up and get counted.

The question now is, what are Muslims Elites in the country doing to get as many Muslims to be enumerated?

There seem to be less education and awareness about this year's census, especially among the Muslim Community.

Below is the full statement by Christian Community Advocacy Initiative



WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW AND DO AS A ChristianFile photo-Christians worshippers

1. You must be counted as Ghanaian Patriotic Christian Citizen.

2. Ensure the counting officer has written that you are a Christian in column PO9 of the questionnaire

3. You have the right to see what the counting officer writes about you in the TABLET if you demand for that, but have no right to touch the tablet or demand for it.

4. Do not rely on the fact that your name is a Christian name so the officer will tick “CHRISTIAN” for you. Do not make that mistake. He will rather select another religion for you, so be vigilant.

5. Give all the information required.

6. Every Christian home should educate the family on the essence of the census and should be able to give the information of the house hold in the absence of either the father or the mother for the benefit of Christianity.

7. Every Christian home should give details of the entirety of every member of the family.

8. If you do not write your name, you have betrayed your faith and the entire Christian community in Ghana.

9. Take note that any mistake you will make in the upcoming census will take 10 years before it may be corrected.

10. Due to the series of questions, be patient for the counting officer and have enough time for him to finish with you before living your house, this may take more than 15 minutes

11. Help count your Christian neighbour in a compound house in his or her absence.

12. The actual census work start on 13th June, 2021, whereby only the number of people living in the house will be captured. And from 27th June, 2021 will be the commencement of registering the names of those already captured. So make sure everybody’s name is captured on that 13th day of June to avoid not being counted.

13. As a Ghanaian, you must know the name of your HOME TOWN AND THE DISTRICT in Ghana. This is very important.

14. With our numbers, we can consolidate our gains, shape the policy direction of our nation and maintain our leadership role in national development.

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