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Fighting Pastors Are Not God's Men- Prof. Daniel Yinka Sarfo

The Retiring Archbishop of Anglican Diocese of Kumasi, Archbishop Prof. Daniel Yinka Sarfo, has reiterated that pastors fighting themselves are not men of God but serving their selfish and personal interest.

Speaking at a ceremony held to consecrate and elevate 8 pastors (2 to Bishops and 6 to Very Reverend fathers) at Great Eternal Harvest International Ministry (GETHIM) said Christians are servants to God and mankind, pastors to fight among themselves, bemoaning that the shocking aspect of the whole thing is that self acclaimed men of God fight to showcase their wealth and other worldly things.

Prof Yinka Sarfo noted that Charismatic churches ensures that there is discipline in the Church, not leaving out leaders. He emphasized that those pastors do not have anything in common with the charismatic Church, as such they do things their own way without guidance.

ted christians to be the salt of the world as the bible teaches, he stressed that as believers our lives should be a testimony for non believers.He passionately called on Christians to fasten their belt as the end times draws nearer.

Archbishop Noble Prof Dr Asafo Agyei Anane Frempong, Founder of Great Eternal Harvest International Ministry (GETHIM) speaking on the heated t LGBTQ+ bill said such an act is a great sin against God Almighty and need not to be entertained. He called for an up right ban on the satanic act.

In Conclusion Prof Dr Asafo Agyei Anane Frempong, said Ghana as a nation should not waste time discussing LGBTQ+, since it is not worth discussing.

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